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Dental emergencies are never fun – or convenient. We’re here to help in your time of need. Whether it is a lost tooth, a fractured tooth, a toothache or an injury to your gum tissue we can get you on the road recovery as quickly as possible.

Dental emergencies can strike anyone, We understand that some dental issues and pain need to be dealt with promptly, that’s why our emergency care team is available to help. We listen to your concerns, gather valuable information and provide simple actions you can take to minimize the problems and pain while we prepare for your immediate visit.

We have a exceptional doctor and a expansive team of talented people who offer quick, modern dental solutions in a comfortable setting. We’re humbled by the trust of our remarkable patients, and we value the relationships that we have built with them. We look forward to helping you discover the difference!


Correcting dental injuries, not just treating pain.

It's sometimes easy to ignore, but other times the pain is unbearable. All emergency situations are unique and you should see an emergency dentist for any dental emergency described below. The outcome of these untreated problems inevitably becomes pain, emergency treatment, and tooth loss. If you are in a dental emergency we can work with you to create a customized approach to your visit and your dental home care routine.

Anatomy of a dental emergency exam.


We review many aspects of your health. Early detection of oral abnormalities saves millions of dollars and lives every year.


Not every oral health issue is readily apparent to the naked eye. We use X-rays and other technologies to see below the surface.


After determining the extent of the damage Dr. Melvin Korattiyil will discuss with you how to alleviate any pain and get your oral health and smile back to 100%


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How Decay Can Take Your Health Away

It’s no exaggeration that tooth decay can lead to other serious health issues. But what is tooth decay, anyway? Simply, it’s cavities. And to understand why it may be dangerous you need to understand where cavities come from. 

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Get A Leg Up On Great Overall Health

At home, prevention may include brushing and flossing twice a day. But many strategies and oral health aids exist that may fit your situation even better. Our team can help customize solutions that enhance your daily efforts, often turning frustration into smiles at the healthy changes that occur.

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Dr. Melvin Korattiyil

Dr. Melvin Korattiyil earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida and his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at Nova Southeastern University.  He furthered his education by completing a residency at the Veterans Affair Hospital in Miami, FL, where he was chief resident.

$39 Emergency Exam and X-Ray